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Ravioli russi fatti in casa
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Since Summer 2020, il pozzo e la macina has been a home restaurant,too!


The preparation of meals to be eaten on site, either in the beautiful stone vaulted room on the ground floor of the former mill, now our home, or in the so-called restaurant-shop or in our winter garden, was born because we wanted to provide our kind guests with an additional service.


In fact most of them, after their arrival here, want  to forget their cars for a few hours and to get in touch only with nature and silence. Our proposal is made particularly tempting by the TRULY 0 KM products, coming from our own farm as well as from other local realities, carefully selected  for the quality of food such as Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, cold cuts, wine and craft beers.

Crocetti con stracotto di cinghiale.jpg
The mill room.png

The former gear room of the "4 millstone of the Carpana" is the living room and the dining room of our house. Located on the ground floor is a large space characterized by an amazing vaulted ceiling in which we have chosen to leave the "stone in sight".  

The four bays are characterized by 4 pairs of small openings, once housing for the hoppers, into which dried chestnuts, melica and wheat were poured, to obtain different types of flour.

Available for guests, a rustic wooden table with 8 seats, Chiara's bookcase of art volumes, the sofa and adjacent toilets. 

In case of number of diners  greater, another table is placed side by side, changing the arrangement of the furniture.The room is always privately and exclusively reserved for the b&b guests or for those who request it to organize lunches, dinners, snacks or aperitifs.

A trap door on the floor still leads to the place where the four spoon blades were once located, moved by the water that flowed under the current building; nowadays it's a cellar for wine tasting.

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Home restaurant il pozzo e la macina.jpg
Aperitivo in cantina.jpg
San Valentino al pozzo e la macina.jpg
the restaurant shop.png

The former stable for the animals, with its trussed vault and stone walls is an intimate and welcoming environment, thanks to its dual nature as a shop and tasting room, heated by a pellet stove in the wintertime.


The surrounding shelves, in addition to containing the processed products of the farm and wines, are enriched with books and magazines related to the territory, the agricultural and naturalistic fields, available to guests.

The room is equipped with adjacent toilets and is usually set up with a 6-seater table, but can accommodate a greater number of diners. Nicknamed by Stefano "Ludo-Vino", in addition to showing wine labels, it is a place designated as a "playroom", as it is possible to take advantage of the numerous 80s / 90s board games to spend moments of lightheartedness .

The room is always privately and exclusively reserved for the b&b guests or for those who request it to organize lunches, dinners, snacks or aperitifs.

Ristobottega 3.jpg
Ristobottega 2.jpg
Risto bottega Bottarelli.jpg
Ristobottega 5.jpg
The winter garden.png

The cultivation area with vegetable gardens with raised boxes is embellished with a greenhouse in wrought iron and glass, with soft and floral shapes, which speaks of an era of sequined evening dresses, elegant hairstyles and gallant evenings.  


Her name is Edvige, a tribute that Chiara and Stefano wanted to pay to their Varese origins. In fact, Edvige Mrozowska, actress, writer and explorer of Polish origin, who lived between the 19th and 20th centuries, was the creator of the eclectic garden that still today surrounds Villa Toeplitz in Varese, her and her husband Giuseppe's home.  The scents of the nearby crops combine with the aromas of medicinal plants, to create a unique environment of its kind, in which to admire the colors of the nearby vegetable garden and the forest by day and the starry skies at night, returning children and watching the dance of fireflies at early summer.  

The location can be booked for the organization of special events from the end of April to the end of September, because it has not a heating system for max 10 people.

Serra location eventi b&b il pozzo e la macina notturna.jpg
Giardino inverno il pozzo e la macina
Stefano in serra cena romantica.jpg
Serra sotto neve.jpg
Il cascinotto.png

The large flat garden in front of the rooms of the b&b is the ideal place in the summer. The former pigsty, consisting of a small farmhouse with a roof in tiles open on three sides, is always set up with a table and 4 chairs, but can accommodate a greater number of diners. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy the original apericnic formula.  


Stop time and treat yourself to a relaxing break, sitting on the grass, savoring a platter of traditional Piacenza and Parma cold cuts, mountain Parmigiano Reggiano  and a slice of the traditional Bardisan cakes prepared by Chiara.  We will provide you with pillows, a basket with tablecloth, ceramic plates, metal cutlery, glass glasses and a bottle of water; all you have to do is choose the corner you like best and a bottle of wine, among the different labels.

Pranzo in giardino il pozzo e la macina.JPG
Fungo Porcino Borgotaro
Tortino al cioccolato dal cuore morbido
Pasta fresca
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