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Sauna calda
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Il pozzo e la macina is the ideal place if you are looking for tranquillity, as well as the convenience of being 3 km far from Bardi historic centre and its famous castle. Surrounded by nature, our b&b is just a few meters from the Ceno River, along which you can enjoy your walks and pleasant moments of relaxation immersed in its clear waters.

Greenery and water are the elements par excellence of our wellness proposal, which consists of the combination of a sauna (on request in an aromatherapy version based on medicinal herbs from our farm) and a hot-tub (a circular wooden tub filled with hot water with hydromassage and chromotherapy).

Set in a scenic location, near a wooded area, they are both wood-fired.

​The experience is private and exclusive and available at evening aperitif hours (from 6.00 to 8.00 p.m., for a maximum of 2 hours), only by advance reservation* only together with an overnight stay, or in "day use" mode (except on Saturday evenings). The service is not active from mid-June to the end of August.

* Being an exclusive activity we need technical time for sauna and hot-tub activation.

The wellness ritual consists of:

  • A purifying shower with lavander salts and almond oil peeling, produced by our farm, you should take in your room;

  • A 90° sauna with or without herbal aromatherapy;

  • A cold shower in nature;

  • A hot bath with chromotherapy in a hydromassage hot-tub;

  • An aperitif with a bottle of wine, or a non-alcoholic drink or herbal tea with fresh fruit and snacks;

  • Relaxation on ergonomic rocking wooden deckchairs;

  • ​A revitalizing shower to be taken in your bedroom with energizing bath products.

       RULES & RATES

  • The experience is only available upon advance reservation and connected with an overnight stay in our b&b;

  • The experience is reserved for couple or a maximum of 4 acquaintances spending the night in our b&b;

  • It is not allowed both to minors under 16 years of age and to people with hypertension;

  • Rate per couple with aperitif included: 150 € (2 couples 190 €);

  • Rate per couple either only experience tub or only sauna with aperitif included: 80 € (2 coppie 120 €);

  • Rate per couple "day use" with room support without overnight stay: 180 € (2 couples 250 €)

  • Rate per couple "day use" only hot tub experience or only sauna with aperitif included: 110 € (2 couples 180 €)

Esperienza benessere in natura
Sauna a Bardi
Esperienza tinozza bb il pozzo e la macina Bardi
Private spa bb il pozzo e la macina
aperitivo in tinozza
Sauna a legna
Esperienza benessere in natura
Esperienza benessere nella neve
Sauna nella neve
Sauna in natura
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