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Since July 2019, il pozzo e la macina has been a farm too, thanks to the creation of some raised beds for vegetables built with disused wooden planks saved from dairies no longer in business. Cultivation methods follow the dictates of permaculture.

In addition to the recovery of local very fertile silt, as the garden is located a few meters from the bank of the Ceno River, the raised beds were filled by creating layers of organic material provided by Mother Nature spontaneously: branches, leaves and grass swathe.


Vegetables, fruit and officinal herbs are not subjected to any chemical treatment and they are actually organic products, feeding only on sunshine and water supplied thanks to a drip irrigation system. Mulch is also environmentally friendly as a 100% biodegradable and compostable Mater-bi sheeting was used. 

The growing interest in wild herbs and their collection (the so fashionable foraging activity) led Chiara to attend a professional course dedicated to medicinal herbs in February 2020.

Thanks to their farm, Chiara and Stefano can put their products on the table and serve them to their guests; they can also sell them directly to the public both in their fresh form and in processed, dried and packaged versions! 

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Orti a cassoni
Raccolta di susine
Broccoli invernali
I nostri prodotti essiccati
Fragole bio
Pomodori ciliegino dal nostro orto
Camomilla azienda agricola
Erbette fresche
Colori naturali
Raccolta di rosmarino
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