because in wonderful places we do beautiful things

Il pozzo e la macina (the well and the millstone) is a bed & breakfast run by Chiara and Stefano, situated at Bardi, in the province of Parma, in the extraordinary naturalistic setting of the Ceno Valley.

The name of the location comes from the last use of the building: a corn mill.

The construction, dating back astride XVIII and XIX centuries, was once a brick and limekiln; the property was transferred to several families and then it was useless for some ten years.


At the beginning of 2016 an accurate and philologically respectful restoration of the materials and of the interiors brought the building to a new life again.

The property consists of a private dwelling-house, where a breakfast - room and a cellar are provided, and of an old cottage, which was transformed into two independent bedrooms with private bathrooms, next to the state owners’ office.

The whole is situated in a flat area, not far from the Ceno river, from a wood and only at five minutes’ drive from the historic center of Bardi, famous for the homonymous Castle, the Landis’ property for centuries.


Just because we believe in the potentials of this zone of pure beauty and peace, situated on the Ligurian-Emilian Apennine and ideally located towards the Ligurian Sea, Tuscany and Parma art city, our purpose is to offer our guests a friendly hospitality as well as a peaceful atmosphere and sincere simplicity.