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home restaurant / home food

traditional wholesome flavors

Since summer 2020 our b&b-farm il pozzo e la macina has also been a home restaurant! The formula to open a home restaurant has been a trend born and developed across the Ocean since 2006. It is again the American Country to suggest this new fashion, then come to Great Britain and finally also to Italy, which has transformed it into a real activity to offer the general public food and drinks.

Both the preparation of meals to be eaten on site either in our garden or in our dining-room, vaulted in stone and situated on the ground-floor of an ex-mill, today our own home, and the sale of take-away food packed in comfortable disposable biodegradable trays (home food) were born from the will to provide our dear guests with an additional service… above all those who, after their arrival here, want to forget to drive for some time and to keep in touch only with nature and silence.

Therefore Chiara has pledged to attend regular OSA (operator of food industry) courses, respecting all the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) rules and some appropriate changes to her kitchen have been made, as requested, in compliance with sanitary regulations.

But above all Chiara has dedicated herself – and she does it day by day – to the learning of the secrets of good Emilian cuisine. The dishes on offer are the traditional ones: fresh first-rate pasta, such as tortelli and tagliatelle, but also Bardi specialties, such as herb, cabbage or potato pies. Our proposal will be enriched with the km-0 agricultural products of our farm; really biological vegetables which become tasty green salads and fresh “misticanze” (different types of salads and herbs) in spring/summer times and strengthening vegetable and velvety soups in autumn/winter times.

Some collaborations with other realities of the territory, carefully selected for the quality of their products such as Parmesan, cured meat, wine and homemade beers,  have also been started.