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all the good from nature

Chiara should have expected it that if, when she was a child, she used to help her mother in the small kitchen garden, sooner or later, she would have left the “sweaty” -  reminding Leopardi the poet  - sheets of paper for a hoe… And so it was! Since July 2019 her b&b il pozzo e la macina has also been a farm to all effects and she had become an agricultural historian!

Her peculiar creativity and love for the geometric shape of the hortus conclusus with its symbols got her to conceive something which was fine and healthy at the same time. Its aesthetic look is given by the choice of building some boxes for raised beds. As regards its genuineness, Chiara used some disused wooden boards, recovered from a dairy (fantastic for their natural impregnating agent obtained from the seasoning of Parmesan cheese) and she pursued a way of tilling, conceived following the dictates of permaculture.

The word, coined by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in mid-the seventies, indicates an integrated and evolutionary system of perennial or self-perpetuating plant and animal species, useful to man.

In addition to the recovery of the very fertile local silt, since our vegetable garden is situated a few meters from the Ceno river bank, our boxes were filled by creating layers of organic material supplied by Mother Nature spontaneously: branches, leaves and mowing the grass. Vegetables, fruit and officinal herbs are not subject to any chemical treatment and they are, in all respects, biological products, which feed exclusively on the sun and the water furnished with a drip irrigation system. Also mulching is environmentally friendly, since we used a 100% biodegradable and Mater-bi compostable sheet.

In February 2020 a growing interest in spontaneous herbs and their foraging (very fashionable nowadays) got Chiara to attend a professional course dedicated to them and to open a drying laboratory together with another operator of the territory.

Thanks to their farm, Chiara and Stefano can serve their guests with their agricultural products and also sell directly to external customers (in addition to those staying at their b&b) both in their fresh and transformed-packaged versions!



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